About the Artist - Prismatic Imagery

Greetings, I appreciate your visit to my website. By now I suspect you have looked at some of my work and have decided to see what I am about.

To be brief, I am not a full time, hard charging artist trying to develop any sort of message with my work. In reality, I am just a part time self-taught photographer who loves to take images and turn them into anything resembling art.

When I am not playing at being an artist, I work full time in the healthcare industry at my local community hospital. I am a husband and father, raising a family in NW Oregon.

Over the years, I have been a member of a local art gallery, paid youth sports photographer, and have done some portrait work and a few weddings. All of these experiences have been invaluable learning for me in both the art industry but also in business.

My favorite type of photography tends to be in Landscape Art, as I am sure you have deduced by looking at my work. I enjoy photographing the wonderful, iconic scenery of Pacific Northwest. With so many different possibilities to photograph in Oregon alone, I could easily spend a lifetime gathering unique and wonderful images of it all. While I tend to visit the Oregon Coast and the Columbia River Gorge quite often, I try to mix in other environments of Oregon into my work.

After a lot of research and sampling, I have decided that my work looks best on Metal prints with a satin finish. This durable, lightweight, frameless display keeps the focus in the imagery and not what is showcasing it. My work is also available for reprint on high quality photographic paper. I make both styles available on my website.

Want to share what you see with family and friends? My images have links available for you to share via social media and email if you choose. I appreciate that you have taken an interest in my work, I love to share what I have done and hope you come back to visit often.  I enjoy talking about my work and the process I take to make it, please do not hesitate to ask questions via the "Contact" tab above. 

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